Imagine you've come home...

Imagine you've come home to yourself and to a space full of kind women who share your common goal: To live life in flow and with grace in each moment, to have more fun, and be unapologetically yourself amongst like-minded friends. Sounds wonderful doesn't it?

Welcome to Just Add Grace. Welcome to JAG. Welcome home.


Why Just Add Grace?

Live life with joy, gratitude and grace. Have more fun, and be unapologetically yourself knowing you're supported by soulful, like-minded peers. Know that as a member of JAG, wherever the path may take you and wherever you may be in the world, you can rely on this tribe of kind women to have your back. Watch the video below for more information.


Who is JAG for?

JAG is a global membership community for our generation of ageless women. It’s an innovative, invite only women's club that truly empowers and supports its members. A space full of women you can rely on. A tribe of women who have your back. A safe place for rediscovering yourself, and to meet kindred spirits with whom to share your personal transformational journey whilst experiencing fun adventures together. 

We're taking women supporting women to a whole new level. When we are united we can more easily grow into the women we always dreamt of being. And by doing that we can change not only ourselves for the better but our families, wider communities... and the world too!


Kind Words

"The world may have boundaries and borders, but deep meaningful connections made from a women’s heart are boundless. The coming together of women can transform the self thereby raising consciousness and helping others to improve their quality of life. The circle of “Just Add Grace”, becomes perpetual and intrinsic within. Connecting with women from different backgrounds and cultures to learn from each other, share stories, create memories..."

Yasmin, South Africa


Who is a JAG woman?

A JAG woman wants to redefine what it is to be 40+ in this day and age. She isn't like her mother or grandmother. She still wants to learn and grow, have adventures and discover what life has to offer. She craves genuine connection and friendships with other like-minded women. She has a big heart and dreams of the world being a kinder, more inclusive place. She wants to give back and have some fun along the way!


Kind Words

"Joining Josani's tribe has been deeply transformative for me. Josani exudes unwavering determination and strength combined with gentleness and innate nurturing femininity. She magnetizes fascinating, thoughtful, dynamic likeminded people to her and consequently leads a community of fabulous women, all of whom I want to know, learn from and support in equal measure. Being part of this community makes me feel safe. I can hold onto my spiritual beliefs and remain authentic to my inner world even when I am navigating our often diametrically opposed, confusingly complex exterior world."

Lucy, France


The origins of JAG

When we were creating this membership we wanted to find a name that encompassed our members' core values. One of the initial ideas was using an animal as a symbol. We came across the Jaguar and fell in love with it’s spiritual meaning (read more below),

Then we realised that JAG is the initialism for our Founder, Josani's name - Josani Alves Gravia. We were on the right track. But we wanted the initials to mean more than Josani’s name. When Josani’s energetic healer came up with 'Just Add Grace' it fitted perfectly. It was the final piece in the puzzle that magically pulled everything together!

So our name AND motto is Just Add Grace. It's perfect as a phrase for two reasons: 1. Just Add grace to us means being kind and thoughtful. This doesn't have to be through big, showy acts but just simple, every day acts of kindness liberally sprinkled around, helping to make the world a more enjoyable place for not only ourselves but everyone else. 2. Grace can also refer to a fluid movement. And we think this aligns with our philosophy too. If we learn to flow with life, to find a graceful, balance - life starts to unfold quite fluidly and magically. We are delighted to welcome you and empower you to let JAG help you find your flow.

The Jaguar as a spirit animal

The jaguar spirit animal is the gatekeeper to all that is unknown. A mystical totem, the jaguar offers lessons about reclaiming your inner power by awakening your inner core energy. When the secretive, graceful jaguar enters your life it is time to resolve old issues and to make way for a spiritual rebirth. Understanding the darker side of life is what offers this powerful animal totem its mystery. With understanding comes the ability to embrace change and life’s multitude of cycles.

Those who have the jaguar as their power animal are passionate, confident, and  possess a deeper understanding of life. Often able to embrace change with grace  and dignity, those with this feline spirit animal as their guide tend to be creative,  see the bigger picture more easily, and allow their intuition to guide them without  hesitation.

About JAG's Founder, Josani Gravia

Like so many women today Josani Gravia stylishly juggles wearing a great number of professional and personal hats. Currently living in London (the latest in a long line of capital cities) not only is she a Transformational Coach and mentor to a long list of strong, soul-driven, international women, she is also a mother to two beautiful, talented, young-adult daughters.

Josani is keen to identify that despite being born in Brazil she feels her story starts in Portugal from where her father emigrated as a pioneering young man. Her childhood evolved against a backdrop of Brazil’s steel manufacturing history, and the rock-solid foundation of her family values; top-notch quality and reliability at her roots.


Josani was educated in the USA, Switzerland and France before marrying young (straight out of Business School!) and becoming a mother to her two girls.
She became a Transformational Coach over a decade ago after years exploring her own (often profoundly challenging) personal growth journey. Now she is dedicated to gently but powerfully supporting other women to be bold enough to break the mould and carve their own, self-determined and meaningful pathways in life - just as she has done.
JAG and Josani's signature programme, The Grace Pathway are the culmination of Josani's wide and varied experience. As a global citizen from birth; life-long student of science and spirituality; Ph.D Quantum Medicine Doctoral Candidate; dedicated, hands-on mother and trusted confidante to so many remarkable women, Josani has pretty much seen it all. She brings compassion, warmth, humour and kindness with her wherever she goes. Her personal and professional mission in life is now 'to end loneliness for women on their personal development journey'. JAG is the proud manifestation of this beautiful mission.  

Core Values


Honesty is always the best policy. Especially when it comes to being honest with oneself.


Committing to and showing up unswervingly for the people we love most.


Believing that every single soul has the right to wealth in mind, heart and matter.


We are guided by meaning with heart-led direction to steer our paths, behaviours and life directions.


Being able to see through others' eyes, whilst balancing empathy with practical wisdom.


More is always revealed when we dig deeper to seek truth and wisdom in knowledge.


We're here to enjoy the present; committed to joy-seeking & revelling in the light.


Embracing the understanding that the two worlds co-exist perfectly and complimentarily.


Let's maximise flow and simplicity. Time is our most precious gift so let's not waste it.


Embracing the potential of a benevolent universe. Pioneering spirits unearth gold.

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