Coaching with Josani

Josani Gravia has been a Transformational Life Coach for over a decade. She works with soulful, self-aware women who want to live life on their terms and thrive in their fullest, most meaningful existence.

Josani mostly coaches clients through her group membership programme Just Add Grace (JAG) however, (very) occasionally, spaces become available for 1:1coaching with Josani.

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About Josani Gravia

Like so many women today Josani Gravia stylishly juggles wearing a great number of professional and personal hats. Currently living in London (the latest in a long line of capital cities) not only is she a Transformational Coach and mentor to a long list of strong, soul-driven, international women, she is also a mother to two beautiful, talented, young-adult daughters.

Josani is keen to identify that despite being born in Brazil she feels her story starts in Portugal from where her father emigrated as a pioneering young man. Her childhood evolved against a backdrop of Brazil’s steel manufacturing history, and the rock-solid foundation of her family values; top-notch quality and reliability at her roots.

Josani was educated in the USA, Switzerland and France before marrying young (straight out of Business School!) and becoming a mother to her two girls. She became a Transformational Coach over a decade ago after years exploring her own (often profoundly challenging) personal growth journey. Now she is dedicated to gently but powerfully supporting other women to be bold enough to break the mould and carve their own, self-determined and meaningful pathways in life - just as she has done.
JAG and Josani's signature programme, The Grace Pathway are the culmination of Josani's wide and varied experience. As a global citizen from birth; life-long student of science and spirituality; Ph.D Quantum Medicine Doctoral Candidate; dedicated, hands-on mother and trusted confidante to so many remarkable women, Josani has pretty much seen it all. She brings compassion, warmth, humour and kindness with her wherever she goes. Her personal and professional mission in life is now 'to end loneliness for women on their personal development journey'. JAG is the proud manifestation of this beautiful mission.

Kind Words

"The world may have boundaries and borders, but deep meaningful connections made from a women’s heart are boundless. The coming together of women can transform the self thereby raising consciousness and helping others to improve their quality of life. The circle of “Just Add Grace”, becomes perpetual and intrinsic within. Connecting with women from different backgrounds and cultures to learn from each other, share stories, create memories..."

Yasmin, South Africa


Core Values


Honesty is always the best policy. Especially when it comes to being honest with oneself.


Committing to and showing up unswervingly for the people we love most.


Believing that every single soul has the right to wealth in mind, heart and matter.


We are guided by meaning with heart-led direction to steer our paths, behaviours and life directions.


Being able to see through others' eyes, whilst balancing empathy with practical wisdom.


More is always revealed when we dig deeper to seek truth and wisdom in knowledge.


We're here to enjoy the present; committed to joy-seeking & revelling in the light.


Embracing the understanding that the two worlds co-exist perfectly and complimentarily.


Embracing the potential of a benevolent universe. Pioneering spirits unearth gold.

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