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An innovative, invite-only, global women's club that truly empowers and supports you, presents new opportunities and encourages you to redefine your life and role as an ageless woman.


What's included in the Just Add Grace Membership?

The JAG community has been lovingly and thoughtfully designed by Josani Gravia. Over a decade of supporting women in her work as a Transformational Coach, led Josani to recognise the pressing need for a community that brings together the kind of exceptionally brave women she works with. All these women driven to be true to themselves so they can live fully, abundantly and authentically. All of them wishing to break free from traditional societal expectation but challenged by the rocky inner path that inevitably leads to.

For years Josani dreamt of creating a magical space where she could bring all such beautiful women together to support each other with humour, kindness, grace and ease. JAG is that space. Welcome to JAG. Welcome home.

Your JAG Membership Includes:


Josani Gravia's signature coaching programme, derived from over a decade as a Transformational Coach supporting kind, ambitious women. 


We meet online to process each powerful step of The Grace Pathway. Sessions are infinitely welcoming, confidential, non-judgemental and deeply transformative.


Monthly (on & offline) rendezvous discovering entertaining topics & learning new skills together, add hilarity and sparkle to life. Above all JAG members have a sense of fun. 


Small sub-groups within the JAG community offer unequalled intimacy, safety, connection, compassion and generosity. We grow as we journey closely together through the joy, excitement and obstacles of life. 


Member discounts on perfectly planned Just Add Grace Escapes. Benefit from JAG's wish to ensure no woman ever need feel alone as she maps, navigates and relishes meaningful global travel and soulful, restorative adventure.


JAG is your community of mission-driven global citizens. We speak each other's soul language no matter where we're born or what our passports say. We connect & have each other's backs wherever we find ourselves in the world. 

Kind Words

My biggest desire is to wake up and see a world full of love and care, watch people living their true nature without any judgment or fear. I want to edify the old system that confines people into living a robotic life and start a life full of joy and excitement. I am one of the founding members of the JAG because I know deep inside me that there are millions of people like me who want to connect and have a group of support where we can be ourselves without any judgment and feel the love and care in every step of our journey in life.

Angela, Dubai

The Journey to Just Add Grace
in Josani's own words...


Kind Words

I am so honoured to be a founding member of JAG. I just love its ethos and purpose! I love connecting with peers and visionaries who I am also blessed enough to know personally. Making friends with like-minded conscious creators, is always deliciously enjoyable and inspirational.

Elizabeth, England

The Six Pillars of Just Add Grace (JAG)

JAG's ethos is founded on six key, unwavering pillars of strength - creating a solid, tethered foundation that our members can always come back to.


It's each individual's innate right to intentionally manifest her most emotionally, spiritually & financially abundant life.


We make conscious commitment to self-care, nurturing our bodies, souls & minds. Knowing when we do we can be our best selves.


We love sharing time, expertise and energy as we look for opportunities to  support those less fortunate.


We believe in the benevolent universe (full of sparkle, miracles & magic) & a Higher Power of our own understanding who helps us manifest.


We need never be or feel alone. Just Add Grace is our place to meet & nurture expansive, meaningful, life-long friendships.


Life is to be enjoyed & savoured. We realise great belly laughs with friends & seeing the lighter side of life is what it's really all about. 

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